Work On Sports Club Destroyed By Arsonists Begin

Eight years ago, arsonists decided to attack the Lawrence Weston sports club, razing it to the ground and leaving only charred remains in their wake.  The blaze, started by arsonists in the clubhouse and the changing rooms, left several youth teams, as well as two football clubs; the Sea Mills Football Club and the Lawrence Weston Football Club, without a base of operations to work from.

The management committee provided temporary residence with three metal cabins installed along Napier Miles Road in an attempt to alleviate the issue, but there have always been plans to rebuild the council owned clubhouse, which were stymied by the reveal that the building was underinsured, meaning that any attempts to rebuild it would want for funding.

The club’s officials, determined to rebuild the clubhouse has devoted their personal funds to pay for the expenses needed for the reconstruction effort. Permission was not an issue, as the Bristol Council had already granted permission for over a year now. The management committee now oversees the rebuilding, which has finally started after all these years, though the committee states that they might not be able to hire companies such as Richards Plumbing Services, and, as such is asking for support from the local community.

The project’s estimates hover around £ 350,00, with £ 190,000 being covered for by the council; £ 150,00 from the insurance plane of the old building, with an additional £ 50,000 from the council’s coffers. Any money generated by the newly built clubhouse will go towards the finalization of funding, and to further ensure no financial issues come in from out of the blue, the officials have arranged a five-year rent free period.

The new facilities will have changing rooms up to county league standards and a bigger clubhouse, complete with kitchen, toilets and access points for disabled visitors. Construction for the project has already made it up to the roof level, and, if all goes well, primary development should be completed around May, with final developments completed in time for the football season’s start in September.

Terry Jenkins, the club’s treasurer and manager for the rebuilding stated that the project lacks a bit on the fitting out part, stating the need for stocks and building materials from local businesses, bathroom from companies like Richards Plumbing Services, doors, tables, etc. He states that they project just needs that little bit of extra help.