Why Need Sarking On Your Roof?

Do you have an idea what’s beneath your roof covering, how it looks, and why it’s very important? Whatever roofing material you have, you need a reflective foil laminate or laminated aluminum foil layer, otherwise known as sarking in Australia.

Whatever you call it, this reflective layer will provide basic and cost-efficient form of insulation.  It will keep your home from the UV rays of the sun, at the same time, provide warmth during wintertime. It’s actually a barrier to heat radiation, which can reflect heat and reduce power consumption and bills. It will also keep your ceiling always dry, especially when rain pours.

Aside from keeping the ceiling and wiring dry, the reflective layer will provide dry insulation. Sarking will provide good insulation as it compresses the batts or loosen the fill when wet, so there isn’t much airspaces to aid in the insulation. And due to how it’s built, it will retard fire, wind and light.

The reflective layer has more hot or cold air entering the roofing and keeping away the dust. While it may make the roof space more unpleasant, dust and water may weigh down the insulation and make it less efficient. So, if you have a job done onto your roof, like the installation of photovoltaic panels, solar hot water, satellite dish or antenna, then there’s a great chance that your sarking will have holes.

So, if you have a chance to inspect your roof by daytime, try to look around for holes in the sarking, to you see light. And when the sarking has holes, it wouldn’t work properly. So, you need to have it fixed by someone or a company knowledgeable and experienced in the process.

If you like, you can do the repairs on a lot of holes in your sarking if familiar with the repairs. If not, you can check out someone or a company familiar with sarking. It creates a huge difference when you have heat on the upstairs of your house, which you can notice easily. So, if you want to keep your home warm during winter or cool during summer, have it fixed immediately. Depending on the help you got, it can provide the right type of insulation you have in your home.