Why A Customer’s Agency Review Is Important In A Brand’s Marketing Strategy

With the rise of social media, everyone has a platform, no matter how big or small. Through the power of a collective voice, a single topic can be amplified into a trend without the need for influencers or big celebrities. Anyone can shape opinions, and this is why it is important that companies listen to the voice of the consumer.

Whether it’s online shopping or booking a service, consumers go through product and brand reviews before making the choice to purchase. On social media, consumers discuss the products and brands they are loyal to, and even those that didn’t meet their expectations.

Brands who are looking to maximise their marketing campaign can utilise customer reviews in order to increase their brand reputation. By encouraging their consumers to place reviews, they are passing the baton to ordinary people to help market their products and services.

In its website, King Kong displays thousands of written and video testimonials from their clients, which helps them become more reputable and credible in the field of digital marketing. A single King Kong agency review on YouTube can attract thousands of potential customers.

Honest and sincere reviews from consumers are reflective of how honest and sincere a product or service presents itself. By engaging with and putting value on the user experience, consumers are given the voice and power to share their sentiments, while companies can learn to maximise or realign their strategies in order to better their products and services.