Whole World Motivating 600-Pound Woman In Her Weight-Loss Training

It is very common for people to ask whether there is really a need for a personal trainer in Manly West to achieve fitness goals. One of the major reasons why there is a need for a personal trainer is they know which exercises are more effective to achieve fitness goals. Another reason is the prevention of injuries in performing exercises for which they have not been trained for.

Leneathra Reed is a 600-pound single mother from Mississippi who has shared her epic weight loss journey on the internet. According to Reed, she is doing the weight loss program for the sake of her daughter. Reed has been working with personal trainer, Frank Harbin ever since she realized the health risks of weighing 626 pounds.

According to Harbin, Reed was very tenacious and determined in her fitness goal. Footage shared by Harbin shows Reed in a gruelling workout that includes jumping jack, tire climbing and sit-ups. The fitness video has generated more than 52 million views and more than 100 thousand enthusiastic messages of support.

Reed knew that her health was suffering. She has to stop in the hallway and pretend that she is conversing with her co-workers because she was embarrassed by her difficulty in breathing.  Ever since she started working with Harbin, Reed could feel the difference. After losing an impressive 30 pounds, Reed started to breathe better.

Public support has fuelled the fire for Reed. The whole world is motivating the woman to get the excess weight off her body. Reed is becoming an inspiration for social media users to stay healthy.  Encouragement is very important but a dedicated weight loss lifestyle is difficult on the bank balance. Her supportive personal trainer has set up a GoFundMe page for funding the personal training and plastic surgery after the bulk of excess weight has been lost.

The mission of personal trainer in Manly West is to provide a goal-specific tailored fitness session that will maximize results. The personal trainer will ensure that exercises are performed properly and efficiently with correct technique. Since no two persons are alike, a fitness program must be individualized to make a huge difference.