What It Takes To Complete A Divemaster Course In Thailand

If you’re opting for a divemaster course in Thailand, you’ll need to sign up for a diving internship and live with your fellow diving trainees. You’ll be taken to places where you want to dive. You’ll also be making new friends and bonding with them. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’ll be treated as dive interns and taught to determine your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll have mixed emotions once you learn the dive course, and you’ll certainly enjoy the sport. A diving course is something you’ll never forget in a lifetime.

If you’re in Thailand, the best place to go diving is at the seawaters of Phuket and its neighbouring islands. Here you’ll have a stunning warm glow of the sun as you enjoy chatting with new friends. There are nights where you feel you need to review your lessons, but at daytime you’ll be at the dive centre to know more about diving. So, if you’re out to learn the divemaster course in Thailand, have the best teachers teach you about it.

What is Professional Dive Internship?

With this course, you will live and work in a real-life dive environment. Everyday you’re in a boat or at the dive centre to do operational dives with a working staff. You’ll be participating in lectures and dive courses, until you complete the entire course. To be considered in the instructor course, you need a licence of six months minimum before applying. What this means is having you learn the divemaster course in Thailand for three to seven months of actual training and diving.

Do You Receive a Salary as a Dive Intern?

If you’re taking up the divemaster course in Thailand, you’ll not be receiving salaries, but instead, you’ll be paying the dive centre for their services. As a foreigner, you’re not allowed to work, as your only suiting the purpose of the course. Also, most dive schools hire certified instructors, that have been trained by their own centres. So, if you want to work as a divemaster, you’ll need to come back to the dive centre often and get all the trainings and experience, until they provide you the opportunity.