Vietnam War Haunts Currently The Best Rooftop Bar Saigon

Saigon’s bars were home to war reporters two generations ago. They were those who covered the American and French conflicts. As recreation, they provided entertainment for those who came from the battlegrounds of Vietnam to the raids outside the city. The older bars likethe Majestic and the Continental, were featured in novels of the French Indochina War. The most beautiful attraction was at the best rooftop bar in Saigon at that time. During Saigon’s critical moments, these areas of business became a good position for visualizing the action. Today, they are now luxury leisure areas for the affluent.

Today, what used to be old drinking hangouts of reporters in Saigon are now embeddedwith international tourists, at a price no local Viet can ever afford. A recent review by The Baron found that the great wartime bars are still alive and well, thriving as a stationof communist Vietnam. After years of modesty, they are back offering dollars, just like what they did in the old days.

Only the customers show the difference. Instead of foreign reporters, the guests now sip cocktails at the rooftop terraces with other high-end touristsfrom prominent tours, or are travelersfrom a luxury cruise liner docked at the Saigon River.Either way, they are just spending time leisurely. They are here at the best rooftop bar in Saigon to enjoy and merely watch the amazing view beneath.

It’struly a great experience to be back in Saigon as a foreign tourist and be one of its local currency millionaire. The first bill we had for a round of drinks good for four came around a million dong. That’ssupposed to be 62 dollars, which is not that expensive if you had the same drink in New York. But then you realize that it can buy a lot of noodle soup and other delectable meals in an openair restaurant and hawker stall. Here is where you find many Viets spending most of their happy time together. So if you are out for a wonderful night in Saigon with lots of money to spend, why not choose the best rooftop bar in Saigon and truly have a luxurious time.