UNDP Out To Help Stop Domestic Violence Among Latin Women

According to a report by the regional parliament of over a 100 legislators by the UN Development Programme (UNDP)-UN Women, it has uncovered that the most brutal regions in the world for Latin women are the Caribbean and Latin America.

According to a press release by the UNDP, the number of countries in the Caribbean and the Latin America provide protection policies for women. However, there is still the rising number of violence done against Latin women in these countries.

Sexual violence against women outside a relationship has the highest rate, and on the second highest are those of a couple, as what the report states. This simply means that women have been violated with their rights and thus are more sexually abused.

The reports also add that this region has featured enormous progress in the standard framework which acknowledges violence against women as a violation of human rights, sustainable development and a social phenomenon; and yet the problem still persists. There is indeed a high rate of violence against women and it needs to be addressed fast and properly.

Females are now subject of homicides (feminicides/femicides) and are continually rising, with two in every five resulting from domestic violence. Furthermore, around 30% of women had been victimized of violence by their respective partners and around 10.7% have suffered sexual violence by those other than their intimate partners, as stated in the report.

The UNDP reports also states that around 24 out of the 33 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America have laws that protect Latin women from domestic violence; but only nine has passed legislation that handles a wide variety of violence against women both privately and publicly.

The report further demands a generation of social impact among the governments, the civil society and the private sectors to involve all important factors. The report has been unveiled to suit the campaign to end violence against women, which has drawn together many UN agencies.

So let us see how far these policies against violation of women’s rights can go, despite the fact that Latin women are abused in and out of their homes. One should dearly pray for peace and that all these problems can be resolved.