Understanding How Bathroom Selfies Change And Create Change

It is no longer uncommon to see selfies with this familiar background— a series of bathroom tiles, sinks, and cubicles. Many establishments have even worked on making their bathrooms aesthetically pleasing for their customers, and for homeowners who want to do the same thing; they can click here for a variety of options in personalizing parts of their homes.



Last year, the Met Gala received criticisms for banning selfies in the venue. As a response, celebrities took bathroom selfies and posted them on Instagram. Celebrities took pictures and called the bathroom the real VIP room of the event. The trend was so viral that it even inspired an art exhibition at Brooklyn.


Interesting Backgrounds

Bathroom selfies are often identifiable with a picture taken in front of the mirror and familiar looking tiles. For those looking for an update on their bathroom tiling for a more Instagrammable bathroom selfie, click here for options. Paula Sophia Garcia Espino over at Twitter garnered attention, because of the mind boggling placing of the toilet paper holder, which was across the room— too far from the toilet itself. Twitter users shared how they thought they would manage the situation if they were in the very same bathroom.


Leanne Elliot Young, a creative director in New York and London, was once stuck at a restaurant in Mayfair. She used the time to take a picture, as she marvelled at the hand-painted wallpapers in the loo, as well as the graffiti on her boots. She posed in front of the mirror, with her foot on top of the lavatory, saying that there isn’t any other place where you could get your feet as close to your face.


Redesigning Bathrooms

Just scrolling through social media under the tag bathroom or bathroom selfie is enough to see how prevalent the practice is. Charlotte Tilbury, a makeup artist, was even hired to make sure that the bathroom at Annabel’s was an ideal spot to document makeup application. The bathroom now has adjustable light dials to get the right lighting, and it worked. Women in the bathroom would often do their business, wash their hands, and strike a pose for their selfies.