Tools That Can Protect An Employer From Negative Reviews

When employees willingly post positive King Kong agency reviews online, it means that they want to protect the good reputation of their employer. Some people assume that positive reviews are being required by management or employees are being paid to post good opinions. That is untrue because happy employees want to share their good experiences and how well they are being treated by the boss.

Technology has changed the relationship between the employer and employee. Interaction between the boss and employees has become easier and simpler through social media, text messaging and online training. However, technology also has its drawbacks because there are sites that have become the ground for disgruntled employees to anonymously vent their frustrations against their former employer.

With bad reviews just a click away, employers feel trapped without any way to fight back. Rogue employees would post false information because of a malicious attempt to hurt their former employer. Employers cannot simply fight back with a deluge of positive reviews as it will appear too obvious. A tool that employers can use is the non-disparagement clause.

With the proliferation of employees trying to maliciously attack their employers, the non-disparagement clause will make them think twice of venting online. The non-disparagement clause should apply during employment and for several months after the employment. Meanwhile, a bigger problem is the anonymous posts.

It is difficult for employers to determine the anonymous person who posted the negative review aside from complaining to the website that is hosting the reviews. However, it is important to closely read the anonymous review because there are surely several clues as to the identity of the person.

It is common for a disgruntled employee to reveal information that violates the confidentially clause or the non-disparagement portion. In that case, the employer can remind the former employee about specific provisions that have been violated and demand that the negative review be removed.

It is common for job seekers to rely on King Kong agency reviews to determine whether the company has a good work culture and environment. For some, it is not only the pay that matters but whether the career goal can be achieved.