Tips On How To Improve A Homestead For A Summer Wedding

With the wedding season fast approaching, party hire in Sydney will be busy providing for the requirements of the romantic occasion. Many couples nowadays prefer to hold their wedding ceremony and reception outdoors. A beautiful garden of flowers or the mountainside can provide a perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding.

Homesteads are increasingly becoming popular for summer weddings that will be held outdoors. Summer is the perfect time of the year for an event that requires the natural charm and beauty of the environment. However, space has to be prepared to make it more manageable for an event.

After winter with snow, sleet and salt, the landscape may not look ideal enough for an event particularly a wedding. It is time for spring cleaning so that picturesque barns and patios can serve as the background for some wedding photos. You can turn the hose head to its highest hitting setting to wash away all the accumulated dirt and debris. If this does not work, you can rent a power washer for the task.

The grass in the backyard must be trim and healthy with colourful flowers to achieve an aesthetic appeal. A trellis or a gazebo can be added to the backyard to create more opportunities for photo ops. Sweet smelling bright blooms, lavender and herbs can add a new element to the event.

Floodlights are perfect if the wedding celebrations will be held after dark. It would be easier for guests to find their way. However, floodlights have its drawbacks because it attracts bugs and won’t set the right mood for a wedding. A better choice is torches and candles or a flame that contains citronella to drive the bugs away from the party. Mood lighting is also suggested because it imitates the natural light of the sun.

A marquee or tent for an outdoor wedding is available through party hire in Sydney including a wide range of tables that can be mixed and matched to suit the desired layout. Specialist catering equipment is also available from hot water urns, blenders, food warmers, deep fryers, turbo ovens and electric hot plates. There is also a range of lighting options that will create the right atmosphere.