Thousands Of Poor People In India In Need Of Health Insurance

Access to quality health care facilities, insurances, and services may not be problems in most of the well-off countries in the western world. In fact, a lot of hospitals and medical professionals are there to attend the needs of the people. However, on the other end of the spectrum also lies those thousands of people who could barely eat three decent meals in a day or even drink from a safe and potable water supply. Some of them just die as the nearest medical centers in their places are still miles away and they are prone to infections most especially those which are communicable, water-borne, and air-borne. Indeed, there are already great health insurance companies in Thailand and in other places in the world. However, unfortunately a lot of people simply do not have enough resources to avail.

Rural Outreach

This lack and insufficiency may be the exact scenario which David Dror has visualized and urged him to take on the mission to help those on the fringes of the society to be given the basic health insurance through microinsurance cooperatives. After more than ten years of serving in India, Mr. Dror and his team already had conducted various field work for the community-based mutual health insurance.

In fact, he and his team come to rural areas in order to interact with the locals and to teach them with the “insurance education”. Their outreach want to educate them on the main concepts behind mutual health microinsurance along with the advantages and disadvantages that may come with it.

Financial Assistance

Mr. Dror wanted to assist the locals in such a way that they could manage to get through possible financial disasters. Moreover, this insurance could also help the locals avoid borrowing from lenders who charge very high interest rates or those who were left with no choice but to sell their beloved properties.

At the end of the day, while health insurance companies in Thailand and in a lot more places are widespread, there still remain places who do not experience the same. Hence, Mr. Dror’s insurance, in these cases will surely be of huge help.