The Safety Measures That Limousine Companies Take

Limousines provided by companies like Bellagio Limousines would seem the perfect vehicle to go on a wine tour or celebrate a bachelorette party. They are fancy, beautiful, and luxurious, providing a memorable experience for everyone inside. But after a devastating crash in Long Island last week that involved a limo and a red pickup truck that had killed 4 and critically injured 2 people, it had brought the question regarding the safety measures that limo companies take to light.
Safety has always been a primary issue when it comes to driving. There are numerous ads and campaigns that promote safe driving but the reality is that when tragedy strikes, you can only hope it doesn’t come your way.

The safety measures of limousine companies did not go unnoticed. One Las Vegas limousine company, AWG Ambassador, has been willing to share the safety measures that they take in order to assure the people that limousine companies are doing their best to provide a safe and worthwhile experience.

According to AWG Ambassador President Alan Waxler, Las Vegas is known to be a busy place and that there is so much volume in the area as well as the number of times clients have to be driven to and from hotels and clubs. One passenger alone is a big responsibility for the company and more passengers mean there is more responsibility.

The company owns over 100 charter vehicles. You can basically hire a number of sedans, limos and party buses from them. But the safety part has always mostly been attributed to the driver of these fine vehicles.

In AWG Ambassador, the one responsible for driver safety is the Safety Program Manager Jon Schasht. According to him, drivers undergo a rigorous training program and once they are on the road, they would have to write a report before and after their commute. He also said that in a busy place such as Vegas, it is important to drive safely and slowly along with vigilance on the road and passerby.

The limos of AWG Ambassador are also all well maintained. The company ensures that their vehicles undergo a constant preventive maintenance in order to provide maximum safety to the passengers.