The Potential Risks Of Using Biometrics

Years ago, many companies are worried about individuals using fake ID for other purposes. This is no longer the case as fake ID has become a novelty item. Furthermore, companies are now relying on more advanced technology to gather data from their employee – biometrics. When authenticating through a biometrics system, behavioral human characteristics are used to single out a person or as a form of identification. The identifiers can be a lot of things from voice to fingerprints to facial patterns.

Due to the higher level of confidence when using biometrics, many companies are using this technology when authenticating employees. This is one way for firms to reaffirm their security. For instance, scanning the fingerprint of an individual can unlock access to devices or computers. Face recognition can be used as a form of security in areas where only a number of people are allowed.

In a recent survey conducted by Ping Identity, 92 per cent of companies believe in the efficacy of biometric authentication when it comes to making sure that all identity data are kept securely while 86 per cent believe its efficacy in protecting data that has been sent to public cloud.

In a separate survey published by Spiceworks, 62 percent of organizations have employed biometric authentication already while 24 per cent said that they expect to have one in within two years.

While it is an effective technology, companies must still exercise caution when using biometric for authentication because there is a possibility that the privacy of the employees as well as the customers might be exposed to others.

Survey from Spiceworks reveals that 48 per cent of companies recognize that the main security concern with the system is that data can be stolen. There are other factors why companies do not have biometrics yet with 67 per cent saying it is due to costs and 59 per cent are not sure about its reliability.

There are still who uses traditional methods such as showing an identification card because while someone can show fake ID, manual inspection will still be able to detect a novelty from an authentic one.