Tattoo Event Organizers Fined In Thailand

We cannot deny the fact that tourists from all over the world are coming to Thailand everyday to experience their culture and traditions. Eventually, the culture of these visitors will rub on to the locals and this might be what happened at one of the shopping centres in Rayong where the Rayong Tattoo Convention II was conducted. Shoppers and guests from nearby luxury hotel in Rayong were able to witness the event and they may have seen too much coming from Thai’s perspective.

The organizers of the tattoo festival were all fined while the local chief of police was given a disciplinary measure because they allowed the participants to roam around the shopping centre without clothes on in order to showcase the body art they have on.

The Rayong Tattoo Convention II was conducted last month in a shopping mall located in the province of Rayong which is in the eastern side of Thailand. The event was a magnet especially to individuals who are fascinated with body arts.

Many of the participants had to take off their clothes in order to showcase the ink in their body. Some are only half-naked while others stripped off to show people their full-body tattoo.

While many are clearly fans of the body art, there are witnesses at the public shopping mall that are not pleased with that they saw. They expressed their complaints to the management of the mall especially as they did not voluntarily go there to see the show.

According to Ton Naboon, he came to the mall with his wife and small daughter because they wanted to watch a movie and shop a little. Though they are not interested with the event, they have no choice as the participants are wandering around. He commented that it should have been held in a different venue where only those who are interested can see.

Wattana Sagasin, another shopper, complained that it goes against the tradition and culture of Thailand and its society.

While tourists would not have minded especially those staying at the luxury hotel in Rayong as they have been accustomed to it, the locals are obviously not happy. Those who are responsible have already been reprimanded.