Tampa Bay History Center’s Expansion Has More To Offer

Growth has come to the Tampa Bay History Center as it launches an additional floor on the fourth level. Visitors who will take a peek at the new expansion will see their new offerings consisting of nautical treasures as well as Illustrated Maps which are all fragments of the past.

The entire floor has an area of 8,500 square feet and it is equipped Mwith an interactive exhibit which they refer to as Treasure Seekers: Conquistadors, Pirates & Shipwrecks. It also has a special annex which is where the Touchton Map Library is located along with the Florida Center for Cartographic Education.

The new level was constructed at the start of 2017 and the opening is scheduled to happen on February 18. The entire space of the museum was raised to one-third more because of the expansion. The management has been planning the expansion for a long time since the museum is already turning a decade. Inside the building is over 12,000 years worth of history of the region.

C.J. Roberts, the CEO of Tampa Bay History Center, said that they started planning in 2009 for the gallery to be constructed on the third floor. They were not able to add the space during the original construction of the museum because of economic challenges which are brought about by the Great Recession.

He added that it has always been their plan to make the level a space for exhibition. They were also gathering ideas from the guests of the museum over the years to know what they want to see once the construction of the space is finished. Majority of the guests said that they wanted to see an exhibit about pirates because it is a well-known festival in Tampa celebrated annually through the Gasparilla pirate parade. The event happens every winter at the Bayshore Boulevard with over 500,000 guests flocking to witness it.

In the space next to the Treasure Seekers, guests can see Illustrated Maps including that of the New World. In all, there are between 50 and 60 maps in their exhibit while five to six of them will be displayed permanently.