Suzuki Released New Motorcyle Video With Hints On Katana’s Comeback

Next month is one of the most awaited events for motorcycle fans – the Intermot International Motorcycle Expo to be held in Cologne, Germany. While there is still a month to go, Suzuki is already teasing their fans and even Suzuki dealers in the UK with new videos that are hinting on the new models to be announced during the big event. One of the most mysterious videos posted by Suzuki lasted for 22 seconds and it only focuses on one phrase which is Feed the Edge.

The sad part is that the video does not even give the audience a glimpse of a motorcycle but left only a number of hints which started speculations – the very effect that Suzuki wants to convey. The first cut features a sword while it is being forged and then the title of the video is simply Feel the Edge. Many cannot ignore the fact that the sword was given the highlight on the teaser. Many are speculating that it could mean that the company is going to bring back the nameplate which was quite popular then, the Katana.

Suzuki Katana was originally released in the 80s and it was basically a sports bike. During that time, the model was different from the rest of the bikes the company was developing. The team leader of the design is Hans Muth who used to be the design lead at BMW. The design of the bike follows the principle that all parts of the bike should fit and be as compact as possible. Aerodynamics was one of the mean features then which highlighted the stability of the bike regardless of the high speed.

When it was released, it changed the perspective of the consumers when it comes to sports bike manufactured by the Japanese company. It was fast, performs well and the edgy styling was on point. When it was launched back in 1980, Suzuki said that it is the fastest of all the motorcycles in the planet that were mass produced. The fire of Katada died down in 2006 but Suzuki dealers in the UK are hoping that the teaser means that it will be making a comeback.