Supposed Wedding Turns Into Unexpected Tragedy

Having a party is far from easy and there are a lot of things that you need to consider. But if you want to have it the best and most successful way possible, visiting would be great place to start.

However, there really are times when regardless of how one prepares and make sure that everything is set for everyone to enjoy, some things just unexpectedly come crashing the way. And what’s even more unfortunate is that sometimes, what was supposed to be a great occasion, like a wedding, turns into a disheartening tragedy.

On the Day of the Accident

Few months before their most awaited day, groom-to-be Adam Ashby from Maidstone lost his life to an unfavourable accident at a friend’s party. According to some sources including those first-hand accounts of his fellow attendees, Ashby tumbled when he attempted to show off at his family and friends. The washing line arguably was not able to hold his weight and thus he fell, falling into a state of coma due to brain injuries.

After the fall, he was immediately taken to the King’s College Hospital where he was made to use a life-support system. Nevertheless, his body was not able to recover from the injuries and was declared dead on May 27.

Fell Short of the Altar

The thirty-one year old was supposed to marry her bride-to-be Abbie Wildeman on January next year. Wildeman admitted that incident really left her devastated. She mentioned that she could still vividly remember every detail of the accident as Adam’s tragic horseplay was performed in front of her and the rest of their family.

After the incident, Abby came to cancel a lot of their deals including the venue booking, the caterers, and the wedding dress orders. Yet, Abby is certain that he would forever remember the deceased as according to her, he was funny, a joker, and a family clown.

At the end of the day, there really are instances wherein accidents happen in a party, and sometimes, they are quite inevitable. Hence, safety should indeed be everyone’s top priority as much as how Having a Party- Party Solutions at value their customer’s welfare and security.