Residents Petition The City To Remove Wayside Horns

Noise pollution from trains is a big concern of many homeowners because it is a major damper to their quality life. Are you among those who are asking how to reduce train horn noise and their deep rumble? Years ago, there was no solution except to transfer to a quieter neighborhood but today with the right windows you can cope up with noise pollution.

The wayside horns along the railroad crossing at Fanning Drive and Steves Boulevard may sound different soon because the officials of the city of Flagstaff are testing out if there is a train noise that can be more acceptable for the residents. The city is taking the issue after Matt Nichols, a resident from the neighborhood of Swiss Manor gathered signatures for a petition to ask the city officials to remove the wayside horns.

In 2010, the wayside horns were installed after the city of Flagstaff and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway agreed to require the trains from blaring their horns whenever they pass the five at-grade crossings in the city. Only Fanning Drive and Steves Boulevard received the wayside horns. The other at-grade crossings used a different safety feature that the Federal Railroad Administration deemed enough to eliminate train and wayside horns.

According to Nichols, it feels like the train is outside the door or window particularly during summer when most residents opt to open windows to allow fresh air. Nichols said that he has lived at the Swiss Manor area for 8 years and the wayside horns have caused him to lose sleep. His quality of life is greatly affected by noise pollution because the train horns blare between 10 to 11 times per train. The noise often lasts for at least 30 seconds. If there are 100 trains, it means an hour of train horn noise every day.

Aside from the noise of the actual horn, there are the sounds of engines braking and movement of wheels that cause noise pollution. Those who are asking how to reduce train horn noise, the best possible pollution is to upgrade windows with a professional soundproofing system that will allow you some peace and quiet.