Removing Minor Flaws On Hardwood Flooring Through Sanding

Were you surprised to find out that under the layers of underlay and carpet is a beautiful hardwood floor? By hiring floor sanding in Sydney and purchasing a can of varnish, the timber floor will easily look brand new. It is very likely that the previous homeowner preferred to use a carpet to cover the floor to hide some minor flaws.

Many homeowners highlight a beautiful wall colour or a brand new sofa so that they will immediately catch the eye of a guest. However, according to interior designer Elina Cardet, flooring is the key to any room. When deciding on a certain type of flooring, it is important to consider beauty, durability and comfort. Don’t forget the fact that you will be walking barefoot on the floor at some time or the other.

Technology innovations have created different kinds of flooring from the synthetic version of hardwood floors to concrete and tiles. The synthetic products have the look and feel of hardwood floors but are more affordable. What the synthetics products cannot mimic is the durability and longevity of hardwood floors. As long as the budget allows, a better option is to invest on hardwood floors that were harvested from natural sustainable sources.

Cerusing is a technique where wood is sanded and then painted with white before it is sanded again to create contrast. The technique is used when you want create a smoky look and draw attention to the beauty of the grain. When you want to create a variety of colours on the wood flooring, the technique used is the traditional process of adding ammonia while the wood is being processed.

The most common shade of hardwood flooring is dark brown but remember that the floor will receive a substantial amount of direct light that can change its appearance. Light coloured wood floors can make a room appear larger. It can also easily blend with décor.

The process of hardwood floor sanding in Sydney is a skill that has been acquired over many years. The true beauty of hardwood floors that make them different from other flooring materials is that they can be repeatedly sanded to remove stains and scratches.