Recommended Activities For Team Building

One way for companies to create a stronger organization is through organizing team building activities which will foster harmony, make new members of the team feel welcome and deliver it as a reward for employees who have been working hard. Here are some of the most recent recommendations from companies.

According to’s CEO and one of the founders, Georgene Huang, escape rooms is one of the best activities for team building because this will help the members communicate with one another. It will also hone their problem solving capabilities. They will be forced to work under one team in order to accomplished the goal while surpassing the presented environment and avoiding risks as much as possible. Each member of the team will be able to contribute their skills therefore it is a good platform for everyone to show what they can do as individuals and apply it as a team. While they have to play under time pressure, they will not receive any consequence in the real world if they fail.

Another team building activity recommended by ScienceLogic’s HR Director, Emily King, is called build bridges. She shared how they organized the activity for their technical operations department by dividing them into six groups with four members each. Every group is given a bag filled with marshmallows, one toothpick-filled box and a few magnets. With the materials provided, they are to create a suspension bridge in between the tables. The time limit is only 20 minutes and the group with the best bridge will be declared the winner.

A company CEO, David Goldstein, said that this year has seen an increase in companies conducting the Charity Bike Build. A team will be assigned to build a bicycle from scratch to grant the wishes of children who wanted to have a bicycle. Members of the team will be able to display their teamwork as they build the bike and it also helps them feel good as they are making the recipients of the bicycle happy.

Lastly, Ideal Coaching Global’s head executive coach, Xavier Lee, said that one of the most relaxing and rewarding team building activities is getting a massage. This is one way for the team to bond while getting pampered in the process.