Putting The High Tech Touch In Your Abode

Architects and engineers have stepped up their game in creating new home designs. With the real estate industry at a continuous boom, home buyers have swarmed the market and have also increasingly become picky with their purchases.

Today’s generation sees a whole lot of innovative home designs. Picture this scenario: you are on your way home commuting via a full packed public transportation. You long for a relaxing, warm bath. While approaching your residence, you immediately get your phone and open the Bath-O-Matic application, instructing your tub to get the bubbles ready for your arrival. You also turn on your heating system from your mobile phone so that the house will be warm and cozy when you arrive home.

You can enjoy the aforementioned amenities since this technology is already developed. Last year, the British Smart Homes grew by a whopping 30 percent. This industry is now worth more than 900 million pounds. This figure was according to the report recently published by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. The previous year, an individual almost spends 28,000 pounds on installing smart lighting in his home.

What other high tech gadgets and equipments can you enjoy with today’s invention? The robotic lawnmower is now available in the market. There is also the Geberit Aquaclean 8000plus. This device washes your bottom using a special spray packed with five different levels of intensity. It also has a special pampering feature and a massage setting.

There are also musical baths invented to further pamper people while taking a shower on the bathroom. The 250 City Road was developed to give the user a musical bath. The Natuzzi Italia’s sound chair is also available in the market. This customized chair has an iPhone holder packed with loud speakers on the chair’s head rest.

These may be very extravagant additions to your homes but having these smart technologies inside your abode makes it more livable and endearing. It sometimes makes sense to pamper yourself and add a little extra to your house. After all, you have worked hard throughout your life. You need to be relaxed and give yourself a little extra pampering.