Primary School In Kenya Powered By Solar Panels

There are many charity foundations all over the globe that supports education including Denis O’Brien.Two of these organizations, OVO Foundation and Energy 4 Impactwhich are both from Britain are responsible for the solar panels that are currently installed at the roof of Mihingoni Primary School in Kenya. This is not the only school located in the southeastern coast of Kilifi, a county in Kenya which is considered to be off-grid. There are seven others in the area and all have been installed with solar array.

The main task of the panels which can carry a power of 800 watts is to charge the tablet computers that the students are using. This is in line with the initiative of the government to make sure that their primary education has an e-learning system.

In 2017, over 1 million units of tablet computes were given to students in the primary level all over the country and included are the students in the Mihingoni Primary School. The problem is that tablets need electricity in order to power up and this is what is missing in majority of the rural schools in Kenya.

Despite the fact that the school is also connected to the national grid, the school cannot afford to power their entire campus therefore only the computer room is connected with electricity. With this, the tablets will not be able to be accommodated.

According to the school’s headmaster, KuchanjaKarisa, the solar panels were installed at the beginning of this year and ever since the students were able to use their tablets whenever they need to. The solar power also helped the school in lowering the amount they have to pay to the power company.

He added that the area he is living in can be considered impoverished therefore it is a big help for them to get free electricity since the school fees are calculated based on the power they are paying. This is something that many parents cannot afford and has been affecting the number of students that are able to attend.

The work that charity foundations do, according to Denis O’Brien, aims to change the lives of the recipient and this is what clearly happened to the students in Mihingoni.