Police Arrests 2 Shoplifters At Walmart

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Two men from Deerfield were arrested Thursday night for stealing baby formula and different kinds of merchandise from Walmart on North King Street. The two men, Christopher Lewis Johnson, 37, and Robert Lewis Johnson, 56, had 10 shoplifting charges between them all of which involved stealing of baby formula.

Both of them have been charged with one count of shoplifting more than $250 worth of merchandise and 4 counts of shoplifting by concealing merchandise. Police responded to a call from Walmart at about 5:28 p.m. regarding an ongoing shoplifting situation. The police were informed that an old man has left the store and entered a vehicle that was parked outside.

Another man was located by the police inside Walmart. He was allegedly pushing a shopping cart that contained a blue jean jacket with the internal lining cut open. Inside the jacket’s lining, the police found 5 cans of baby formula. The other shoplifter was arrested by the police outside Walmart and he had with him some of the stolen merchandise.

In addition to the baby formula, the other concealed merchandise included three boxes of Crest White Strips, one box of Rogaine and four New England Patriots hats. The total value of the merchandise was $279.

According to the police, the two men were caught on camera while they were stealing baby formula from Walmart on four other occasions this year. This time, the police caught them red handed with the stolen merchandise.

If you have been charged with shoplifting, it is important to contact a shoplifting lawyer immediately for legal assistance. The criminal charges usually depend on the value of the merchandise that has been stolen. In case of lesser value merchandise, the crime can be treated as misdemeanor while greater value merchandise is treated as felony which is more serious with higher penalties.