Philadelphia Artist Make Headlines With Clever Art

A local Philadelphia artist, Daniel Duffy, has been recently making headlines with his creative art that are grabbing attention, so much so that his word art has managed to be worthy of an exhibit in Philadelphia’s King of Prussia shopping center.

Duffy’s art is noticeably unique, in that they are images; drawings of places or people of particular importance to the Philadelphia community, such as the Orioles baseball team, or the popular Jose Altuve, who recently carried the Houston baseball team to victory in the World Series, but the drawings aren’t made with pencil stroke, but rather with words. His pieces are personality-filled word art drawings.

Duffy’s piece of the Oriole team, which shows the Oriole Park at Camden Yards, is made up of the name of every player in Orioles history, arranged and clustered together in order to create an image of a game of the players in the Philadelphia park. Included in the drawing are the names of Orioles Hall of Famers like Ripken, Robinson and Palmer, as well as the names of the Orioles players of today, like Jones and Mancini. According to Duffy, the piece, which was made to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the historic ballpark, took him approximately 70 hours to complete.

The other piece of his that garnered attention is a word art drawing of José Altuve, the second baseman for the MLB’s Houston Astros team, who was considered by many as the MVP of the team in the recent World Series. Duffy says that this particular piece took him around 65 hours to finish, says he chose Altuve not just because he was MVP, but because his enthusiasm for the game was, in Duffy’s opinion, contagious.

More recently, Duffy’s work managed to find a place on display at the King of Prussia Mall, with the exhibit located in what was once the location of the JC Penney store which happened as part of the opening of The Art of Words holiday store in the mall.

Currently, the exhibit of Duffy’s work is available for viewing until the New Year, and Duffy himself can be found in the Phillies parking lot, selling his prints.