Patong Police Discussed With Taxi Drivers To Improve Service And Behaviour

Representatives of taxi drivers all over Patongwere invited by the police of the municipality along with important officials from various government organizations to discuss the behaviour of the drivers and to follow measures that will make the quality of their service better than before in a bid to attract more tourists. This sentiment is echoed by Novotel in Patong as they believe that it encourages more tourists to visit if they are impressed with the service quality provided in all areas.

The chairman of the meeting was Col AnotaiJindamanee, the police chief of Patong, and it was held inside the Patong Police Station. Officials from related government organizations were also present during the discussion. The drivers, on the other hand, send out their representatives from motorcycle to taxi and even tuk-tuk. Also in attendance is PreechavudeKeesin, the chair of Patong Development Foundation.

Col Anotai said that the main goal of the meeting is to talk about the service quality that is provided by the drivers and for their opinions to be heard as well. This is not the first and last meeting as they have already talked about a second meeting next month which will be held at Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa.

He added that the meeting was organized to hear the sides of the drivers of various transport vehicles such as tuk-tuk, taxi drivers and motorcycle drivers for hire. The aim is for the public transport sector of Patong to provide better service to travellers and make sure they are warmly welcomed.

In order to impress the tourists visiting the province, the drivers have to exhibit good manners, prevent any problems and make sure they do not create disputes. As for the second meeting, the goal is to create a special committee that will handle all problems within the public transport sector. The committee will have representatives from the taxi drivers, Patong Police, Patong Development Foundation, Phuket Land Transport Office, Royal Thai Army and Patong Municipality.

According to the chief of PLTO, they have already organized an attitude adjustment class for the taxi drivers. This will put at ease businesses such as Novotel in Patong since the treatment of tourists greatly impacts tourism growth.