Patong Beach Welcomes Back Jet-skis

Tourists who have been to a ホテルパトン knows how congested the traffic in the area during peak season. Therefore, authorities have once again allowed jet-ski operators to occupy Patong beach. They are given designated areas in the north which is close to the Loma Circle and in the south near the Prachanukroh Rd. These areas are therefore closed off to tourists.

Chalermluck Kebsup, the mayor of Patong, said that the municipality has already given the go signal to jet-ski operators for their comeback. They are assigned a specific space to help decrease the traffic all over town.

Based on the old instruction, the mayor said that jet-ski operators are required to remove the trailers from the beach once they have already brought their jet-skis. At night time, they can bring back the trailer to get their jet-skis. This old rule has been causing problems because of the traffic congestion.

Mayor Chalermluck explained that the jet-ski operators are only allowed in the designated parking spaces for their trailers. These trailers should not be placed anywhere else in order to avoid making the beach look unattractive and chaotic. They are going to place signs in the said areas to make sure the public knows and to eliminate confusion in the future.

Boonma Aeapsap, the deputy mayor of Patong, said that every time a trailer needs to be packed up, it brings sand along with it to the road which is a safety hazard for drivers. Every day, around 50 to 60 jet-skis are passing by Thaweewong Rd which contributes to the sand accumulated on the road. Cleaners are therefore spending more time than usual on the same area when they could have used the time to clean up other areas.

Mayor Chalermluck said that the previous order to stay away from the sand and keep within the 10 per cent rule was done to help manage the situation. Now, new zones have been designated which aims to benefit operators and the public. This is a decision they have come up with after talking with the committee assigned for the beach management. Tourists can now book a ホテルパトン and not worry about jet-skis all over the beach.