No Price Hike For Pagoda Entrance: More Money For Yangon Accommodation

Whenever you are planning for your next vacation whether it’s just in another state in the United States or, another country in the Asia Pacific region, the first thing you will need to consider and seriously think about is how much you are willing to spend for that vacation whether it’s for 3 days and 2 nights or, a 2-week vacation. Why? Let’s face it. Taking your well-deserved vacation elsewhere can burn a big hole in someone’s bank account so it’s important to know how much you can spend on a vacation trip in which you can enjoy and relax your mind from everything else. Now, if you are in need of a new place where you can spend a relaxing vacation without burning a big, ugly hole in your piggy bank, you can consider visit Myanmar and stay at any of the Yangon accommodation choices in the country’s capital. In fact, you can even stay fit while you’re on vacation because one of the many amenities you can enjoy in these hotels is the free use of their gym equipment.

To those who have no idea, Yangon is one of the cities in Asia that used to be under the colonial control of Great Britain which explains the presence of some of the colonial-era structures. Also, you will see a great number of pagodas which you can visit. Just recently, the board of trustees of one of the pagodas, the Shwedagon Pagoda, has decided to indefinitely suspend the scheduled price increase of entrance fees that are being charged from foreigners. The said increase would add 2,000 Kyats to the 8,000 Kyats that foreigners are paying to enter the said pagoda. Had the increase happened, it would have negative impact as this would mean that those who have already paid for their vacation packages a year ago will pay additional 2,000 Kyats. The suspension of the increase would give foreigners more money to spend for a nice Yangon accommodation experience and at the same time, enjoy the uniqueness of the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the city and is an iconic landmark not to miss.