No More Glitters On Mark & Spencer Cards And Wraps

Your family photographs will be extra amazing when everyone including the dogs is wearing coordinated Christmas Pajamas that are comfortable and warm. The perfect backdrop for the family photographs will be the plethora of presents under the Christmas tree. Besides that, nothing beats the comfort of opening Christmas presents while wearing the matching pajamas.

Meanwhile, store chain Marks & Spencer has removed glitter on crackers, calendars, cards and wrapping papers for 2019 Christmas celebrations. Removing the sparkling stuff is part of a bid to save the planet earth. Traditional glitters are made from micro-plastics that end up polluting landfills and oceans after the holiday season.

According to Paul Wilgoss, the store’s food technology chief, if glitters are removed from cards and gift wrappers, it would be easier for customers to celebrate the holidays in a sustainable manner. Previous Mark & Spencer designs that featured glitters were replaced with innovative paper patterns or minimal foils that can maintain the holiday season’s sparkle.

M&S’s move follows a similar one made by Aldi, a German supermarket. All non-biodegradable glitter was removed from Halloween and Christmas ranges this year. By 2021, glitter will be removed from all products.

Waitrose has also pledged to remove glitter from all of its brand products by 2020. Other retailers like Paperchase, Next, Debenhams, John Lewis, M&S and Sainsbury have previously promised to ban glitters on Christmas items. However, Waitrose is the first supermarket to announce a glitter ban last year.

Many campaigns have called for the removal of glitter to be replaced with eco-friendly and biodegradable options. A spokesperson for Marks & Spencer said that their goal is to improve the recyclability of cards and wrap ranges. They are not considering biodegradable glitters because it not considered as an effective solution for the products.

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