Nintendo Switch Might Not Do Well With Stickers

If you own a Nintendo Switch and bought vinyl stickers in NZ then you might want to hold your horses before using those. According to a sticker manufacturer, many new consoles owner have tried to use skins and stickers only to regret it. Despite the fact that almost all sticker manufacturers to creating stickers and skins for various electronic gadgets such as laptops and phones, using the skins on the Switch as well as its Joy-Con controllers might not be a good idea. This is because of a number of cases where applying skins have damaged the devices’ surface.

A leading sticker manufacturer said they tried creating a layout sticker for the Nintendo Switch only to be greeted by a bad news. Everything was fine during and after the application of the skin but they were not happy after removing it because the coating was obviously damaged because of the adhesive.

The company said that this happened in both Switch and Joy-Con controller. After the discovery, they have decided to refund all the pre-orders of the skin. They have also sent out a warning to the rest of the Twitter-verse that they should not do the same. They clarified that they have already tried the test with the pre-launch unit as well as the retail units and yielded the same result. They have also used other skin materials with different adhesive aside from vinyl and it all came down to the same conclusion.

One year into the testing and the company announced that they have already found a skin material that is compatible with the Switch. It is a hundred per cent safe to use against the plastic housing of the device and it was created in collaboration with 3M. If you are planning to cover the entire system with skin, you have to shell out around $28 plus the $10 for the tempered glass protector for the screen. Inquire at the local company producing vinyl stickers in NZ and you might be able to find the same material that has been tested safe.