Must Do Activities In Rayong

Rayong is a must-visit tourist attraction in Thailand. The city is located in Eastern Thailand and has a long coastal line. The city is popular among the locals as the centre for seafood and tropical fresh fruits. The villages around Rayong have many fruit farms that sell fresh and dried fruit of many varieties. The fishing villages around Rayong are famous for their delicious sea food dishes. The city has a number of tourist attractions that suit all types of travellers.

Rayong is a popular weekend getaway for the locals. They like to spend time in the secluded beaches of the city. The serene beaches offer amazing views of the Ocean. Travellers visiting the city can stay at luxurious hotel suites in Rayong and enjoy visiting the interesting monuments and other tourist attractions.

Rayong is a paradise for beach lovers. Visitors can enjoy the sun, sand and the waves on the stunning beaches that line the hundred kilometre long coast in Rayong. Snorkelling is another fun activity in Rayong. Tourists can hire private boats to the neighbouring islands and enjoy snorkelling. Koh Samet is a popular island near Rayong. Tourists can reach the island through boats and jetties. They can stay at the island or book hotel suites in Rayong and visit Koh Samet for a day trip. Koh Samet is also popular for its nightlife and party scene.

Rayong fruit festival is a major attraction to the tourists. The festival takes place during May every year, when the fruits reach their peak ripe season. Tourists can enjoy a lot of activities and shows like, fruit competitions, fruit parade, Miss Gardener contest etc. Visitors can also buy a variety of tropical fruits at cheaper prices during this time. Tourists planning to visit the festival, should book their hotel suites in Rayong in advance as there is a tourist rush during this season.

Sampling the fresh seafood at the various fishing villages is another must do activity for tourists visiting Rayong. They can also taste a variety of local Thai cuisine in the restaurants and street food joints in the city. Visitors can shop for a variety of ready to eat preparations like, shrimp paste, dried shrimp, dried squid etc. from the markets and carry them home. Tourists can stay at the luxurious hotel suites in Rayong and visit the local fishing villages and street food markets to enjoy sampling the local delicacies.