More Babies Are Being Born With Addiction

When an adult ventures into drugs and illegal substances, there is not much you can do as they can decide on their own whether to carry that suffering for the rest of their lives but when it comes to babies born with addiction, this is where many draws the line. These babies do not have the consciousness to understand why their body is craving for illegal drugs and substances. For adults, they can get treatment at Ativan drug rehab facilities or quit on their own but for babies, the same cannot be said.

The sad fact is that according to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, more babies are being born with addiction. Data revealed that there is a 13 per cent increase in the number of babies with inborn drug addiction or withdrawal because their mothers are taking illegal drugs while carrying them. The Manitoba Nurses Union is worried about the statistics.

Babies born with drug addiction or withdrawal are suffering from the condition called neonatal abstinence syndrome or NAS. Based on the data from the St. Boniface Hospital, there has been a sudden increase, 70 per cent, of NAS cases in 2017. On a lighter note, the Health Sciences Centre reported that the number of cases has declined on their end. These hospitals are known to have NICU or neonatal intensive care units within the city.

Nurses working at the NICU department of St. Boniface are complaining because their mandatory overtime has already increased considerably. This is due to the fact that babies diagnosed with NAS upon birth need intensive care compared to normal babies.

Darlene Jackson, the president of the union for Nurses, said they have no proof that can back up the claim that the increase of NAS in newborns is because of meth but it is the only logical explanation as the number of meth addicts in the city is also increasing. The bottom line is that it does not matter what drugs the babies are addicted with, the fact that the number is increasing is already a worrisome issue. Women with addiction found to be pregnant should seek help from Ativan drug rehab facility as soon as possible in order to avoid passing the addiction to the baby.