Missing Teeth Can Be A Barrier To Having A Good Life

A solution is offered to people with missing teeth in the form of dentures in Easton that are available for affordable prices. Other options like implant-supported dentures and dental implants are also offered for very low prices so that people do not have to suffer from lack of confidence and self esteem. Cost must not stop a person from having an appealing smile.

In the United States, bad teeth are a barrier that can cause lifelong damage. People with crooked or missing teeth have to face discrimination which is very devastating to their self esteem. There are people who do not get employed or are laid off because they have bad teeth.

Interviews with Medi-Cal patients, advocates and dentists revealed that there are people who had to pull out their own teeth. Other had dentures but they were stolen. Most of them have tried to access dental services but it was difficult to navigate the complicated system. Others have lost faith in the system so that their only option was tooth removal. Those who were able to access the system struggled to obtain quality dental care.

Gina Diaz-Nino who was a former drug addict tried to erase her past. She went to several dentists using her Medi-Cal card but only one visit was covered and the only service that dentists could provide was tooth extractions. Gina considered having her crooked teeth pulled out and replaced by dentures but her friends told her horror stories about ill-fitting dentures. Gina is now hoping to find a dentist who can fix her teeth for $4,000 which she obtained from GoFundMe campaign.

Recent improvements in Medi-Cal cover partial dentures and crowns. However, some dentists do not provide the full range of covered services because of low reimbursement rates and the cumbersome process of authorization and reimbursement. As a result there are a limited number of dentists who accept Medi-Cal.

There are affordable dentures in Easton for people who want to replace their missing teeth. The cost of implant-retained dentures starts at $2,999, the lowest in Lehigh Valley. Aside from dentures, you also have the option of dental implants that cost $2,000.