Microsoft Releases 2 Year Financing Plan

Consoles can be expensive, which is why gamers usually wait for sales, cheap games, packages, subscriptions and giveaways to beef up their games library. Now, Microsoft is making it easier for fans of the Xbox line is its new 24-month financing plan.

This new plan; the Xbox All Access, available only at the US branches of official Microsoft Stores, bundles together a new Xbox One X or Xbox One S console, alongside two years of both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

In other words, for gamers looking for cheap games in the USA, they can head to their nearest Microsoft Store right now and get a brand new Xbox One X, which would normally set gamers back by about $499.99 before taxes, for, quite literally, no upfront costs attached. The Xbox All Access program only has a $34.99 monthly subscription fee, which subscribers have to pay for over the 24-month duration, and they get all the products in the bundle.

There is, however, another option for those looking to avail in the Xbox All Access program, as they can opt for the $24.99-per-month program, getting all the less powerful Xbox One S console, plus the 2 year subscriptions.

One of the bundled services is the Xbox Live Gold, which allows Xbox users to play with their friends online as well as getting access to the Games with Gold program which grants access to games for subscribers, for as long as they as subscribed. Meanwhile, the Xbox Games Pass grants subscribers access to at least 100 games, including major hits like Hitman (2016) and Fallout 4, with Halo: The Master Chief Collection set to be available by the start of September, all of which cost for about half of a new title monthly. Once the customer has paid for the 24-month financial plan, then the console is theirs to keep.

According to a release from Microsoft, the Xbox All Access program is only a limited-time promotion and stocks are limited, so customers who are interested in the program should head for their nearest Microsoft Store as soon as possible to get a console and cheap games, as part of the deal.