Michelin’s Future Vision Of 3d Printed Smart Tyres

If the concept that has been unveiled by Michelin comes true in the near future, cars will be equipped with 3D printed smart tyres that will tell the motorist when it needs changing. Project Vision has created the all-in-one tyre and wheel that is made from biodegradable material and coated with rubber tread that can be topped when the tyre wears down.

French firm Michelin has unveiled the unique design of the tyre for the future at the 2017 Movin’ On conference in Montreal. The airless design of the tyre was inspired by nature to ensure that they are impervious to flats and blowouts. The inner design uses a honeycomb-like structure for additional strength. The alveolar pattern can be compared to the lungs of a human with the rigid centre that branches out to thousands of increasingly larger chambers.

The 3D printed smart tyre is made from recycled organic materials like wood chips, straw, sugar byproducts and orange peel. The tyre’s tread is made from a thin layer of rubber. Michelin dreams of a rechargeable tyre so that when the tread wears down, the driver can book to top up the printed layer of rubber tread. The tread can be altered based on the climate. For example, a winter pattern can be printed if the motorist will go on a ski trip.

Real time information on the tyre’s condition can be monitored through onboard sensors that will also provide notification when the tyres need redoing. All the features are efficiently controlled through a specially coded Print & Go app.

Michelin has not yet announced a time frame for the development and commercial release of their concept. Mostapha El-Qulhani, the designer who heads the project said that the smart tyre which is a showcase of their expertise is within reach. R&D has the know-how to make the future vision possible.

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