Meet Airports Named After Cities But Are Actually Far Away From Their Namesakes

“Stress and hassle free,” this is what we learned after a meet-up with the people at Link Airport, an airport transportation company that provides transfer services to and from the airports of Perth, Australia. According to them, it is important that a person travels without any worries and hassles in order to avoid stress.

But what if people arrive at an airport named after a known city only to find out that the said airport is actually located far away from their namesakes? Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking for them to believe that they would soon be in the comfort of a soft, warm bed only to find out that they are hundreds of miles away from their hotels?

This is probably a normal occurrence within the following airports that are named after famous cities but are further away from them. Most of the time, these airports are deemed very attractive for airlines as there are lesser operation costs.

The first airport is the Paris Vatry Airport. This French airport, named after the famous city of love, has actually fallen short on the love as it is 131 miles away from the city. The Paris Vatry Airport is the furthest airport from its namesake as it would take a person more than two hours to arrive at the center of the city of Paris.

The second airport that is furthest away from its namesake is the Oslo-Torp Airport. Despite having been named from the capital of Norway, it would take about one hour and 28 minutes for a person to arrive at the capital as it is located seventy-eight miles away.

Coming in third is the Munich West Airport. Although it may sound like it is located in the very heart of the German city, it is actually located on the edge of Bavaria, specifically in the town of Memmingen which is seventy miles away from Munich.

These three airports lead the list of the airports that are farthest from their namesakes. People would most often be misled with the names of these airports, thinking they will be arriving at the city namesakes themselves but little did they know that they would still be traveling miles away. What’s worse is that if they have not booked a transfer service, then they would have to spend much time and money on taxis.