International School Students And Their Edge

University applications are every student’s nightmare. The pressure of finding the perfect university and the hassle of complying with all the application forms is not a pretty combination. While universities often look for good GPAs and test scores, they also consider the student’s extra-curricular activities.

In other universities, both academics and extra-curricular activities are given premium. However, participating in a lot of activities is not the way to go to either. Rather, it is the quality of these activities that will capture the attention of university admission officers. This is where international schools come in handy as the best international schools can help student apply to their dream university.

A Stepping Stone

Studies show an increase in international schools as well as an increase in their student population. International schools increased by 40% while its students and staff increased by 50%.

Experts believe this surge can be attributed to the wide usage of the English language as well as the opportunities afforded by these schools. International schools often have a broad network of educational institutions and businesses, giving students an edge. With this, local families have considered and enrolled their children in these institutions. According to experts, about 80% of students in international schools are children from the rich, local families.

Moreover, unlike public schools, international schools follow an international curriculum and have international partners. Thus, it can increase a student’s chances to enrol in universities abroad. The best international schools have a wider network of educational partners and can provide a stepping stone for students wanting to study abroad.

Gain friends (and potential business partners)

International schools are melting pots of culture. This is the chance for students to interact and appreciate different cultures. Forging friendships with people of other cultures is also strategic as these links can be useful in the future. Moreover, employers and universities are impressed with students that are familiar and/or know another language.

Join clubs and other extra-curricular activities

With numerous affiliates, international schools have an advantage. This can mean that the school can invite diverse and well-known speakers to the school. It can result in various workshops, seminars, trainings that can help the student in their university applications. Furthermore, students can cultivate and nurture new talents.

The best international schools offer all these and more. Because of their unique curriculum, international schools certainly give their students a different kind of edge.