International School Bangkok Joining International SOS Partnership For Student Safety

International School Bangkok runs 100 off campus school trips for more than 100 of its students, with some of them travelling as much as thrice annually. These learning experiences are made with the aim of letting students experience learning opportunities, beyond what classrooms can provide.

Recognizing the safety concerns about an international school in Bangkok sending its students out in off-campus activities, ISB has renewed its partnership with International SOS, a leading travel and safety risk management firm, extending their cooperation by several years.

With this extended partnership, ISB staff and trip leaders gain access to International SOS’s medical doctors and security specialists, as well as additional resources, for immediate advice and assistance, as well as risk assessments.

Director of Risk Management Mark Hevland, ISB, says that a detailed risk assessment is done before any sort of expedition or outing, and the resources of International SOS, as well as their expertise and global reach,  will make their risk assessment more accurate and effective, to the benefit of everyone involved.

International SOS has been in operation in Thailand for more than 3 decades, and, as a result, now regularly work with 80% of the Fortune Global 100 companies, as well as international embassies, NGOs and, of course, an international school in Bangkok and other educational institutions, working with at least 500 schools in the region of Asia alone, supporting their clientele’s welfare and safeguarding objectives.

Nearly 2 decades International SOS introduced the TravelTracker digital platform, as their answer to the issues that multinational organisations experienced trying to locate their employees during the 9/11 attacks in New York. This platform lets organisations locate, contact and assist travellers, regardless of their location in the world. The platform has won several awards and accolades, and many organisations, including many an international school in Bangkok, have made the tool commonplace in order to help them deal with their care agenda with the people increasing in global mobility.

International SOS Thailand’s Robert Tyler says that by bringing together award-winning tech and innovation, as well as the expertise and experience of their staff, they allow organisations the peace of mind that they’ve managed their travel risk before the trip actually happens. By partnering with International SOS, Tyler says that their clients cut down the odds of a medical or security issue happening.