Impact Of Technology On The Courier Service Industry

Technology is everywhere and it impacts everything from the international courier to many other industries all over the world. The past two decades alone are testament of how big the changes are with the internet as well as the introduction of smartphones and electronic gadgets. One industry that felt the huge impact of technology is the courier services. These technologies made it possible to serve customers better and to bridge the distance regardless of where they are in the world.

The most common technology that is now used everywhere is the GPS system. It is also the most efficient tool utilized when making deliveries especially in remote areas. An efficient delivery means the production is maximized. GPS makes it easier for delivery drivers to locate the fastest route in order to avoid traffic jams and road accidents. This way, parcels are delivered on time and customers are given the closest estimated time for the arrival of their packages.

Delivery times are not as long as before. In fact, it is now possible to receive the parcel on the same day that it was sent. This improved convenience on the part of the customers because they have option to send urgent items or documents. In a world where everything moves in a faster pace, a faster delivery time is most appropriate.

Communication is greatly improved with technology. The customers are updated in real-time as to the status of their parcels and the estimated time of its arrival. Any delay will be relayed to the customer to avoid wasting their time waiting for the parcel. Notifications are also sent in real-time to let them know if there are any updates with the packages. The customer can resume their usual schedule without having to worry about missing the delivery.

The latest technology that could disrupt international courier industry used to be treated as a form of entertainment – drones. Experts in the industry expects drone to shape the future of delivery. In fact, there are already studies and field tests being conducted in various parts of the world to test how efficient drones are and how to get around certain laws to legalize it.