Human-Like Skin Now Possible With Prosthetics And Robots

In the coming years, humans might not be the only one needing skincare products from because a new innovation led to the discovery of a technology that could recreate human-like skin. The team of researchers responsible for the so-called e-skin is from the National University of Singapore. They are hopeful that the success of the project will make it possible for prosthetics as well as robots to feel like humans through the e-skin.

The skin is referred to as ACES or Asynchronous Coded Electronic Skin which acts as an artificial nervous system that recreates the functions of human skin in an electronic manner through its ultra-high responsiveness capacity.

Benjamin Tee, the assistant professor from the material science and engineering department of the National University of Singapore, revealed that they started working on the e-skin almost ten years ago. They believe that this kind of technology plays a crucial role in robotics. In order for humans, to do the tasks they do every day, they have to rely on their senses including the sense of touch. In the event that a person loses his sense of touch, even walking would be a challenge because it is connected with a person’s sense of balance.

The researchers believe that if we wanted robots to act and perform like humans, they must also have this particular sense. This is an ongoing problem with the existing robots developed because they are not able to feel the things they are interacting with very well.

E-skin works with the help of the ACES which is an electronic system that performs the same functions as a human’s nervous system. ACES is composed of a sensors combined in a network which is then connected through a lone electrical conductor. It can boost an e-skin that is already connected to wiring systems in order to increase the sensitivity to detect damage or if the existing network is not able to increase the scale for the function.


The same can also be used on prosthetics to have human-like skin. This technology is expected to be of use in the future with experts in the industry like saying that it is a big breakthrough.