How To Protect Your Investment From Pest Termites

Termite damage is serious especially to investments such as properties because it may result to unexpected high repair costs. An expert in termites and pest control in Sydney shared how homeowners can protect their investments from termites.

First, the surrounding area should be always clean. A property will be less attractive to termites if it is always neat and tidy particularly in the garden area. If shrubs and plants are already dense, it can be the perfect breeding ground for termites. The property must have proper air circulation to maintain it as dry and clean as possible.

Make sure there are no entry points for termites such as trellis in contact with exterior walls. Termites can invade a property through wood to wood or soil touching the wood. If there are any cracks in the foundation or walls of the property, it must be sealed.

Leaks found inside or outside the property should be repaired immediately. The space where the air conditioning system is located should be maintained dry to attract less bacteria and insects. One of the major reasons why they thrive is due to moisture.

For those who are planning to construct or renovate a property, it is best to opt with wood that are treated with chemicals since it is resistant to termites. Vents in the house should be kept dry and unobstructed for proper air flow. If the house’s foundation is a concrete slab, the edges of the slab and weep holes should not be covered. Avoid using mulch close to the exterior walls as it is the favourite food of termites. Instead opt for the rubber type of mulch. If you have termite shields, regular inspection should be conducted to see if there are damages.

If you are planning to perform home treatment instead of hiring a professional pest control in Sydney, remember that they will be able to spot the issue faster and treat them as to avoid it from happening again. A licensed exterminator will know how to control your termite problems and protect your house from further damage.