How To Increase Response Rates For Online Surveys

Content is still the king of SEO but it should be what the consumer needs and wants. Surveys have the unique capability to supplement your content with unique data and insights. You can create content that readers will like and share. However, how do you share a survey or questionnaire to your followers?

It is very common for online surveys to be ignored. If you are planning to attach a survey to an email, remember that open rate for emails is only 20.81%. A better way to conduct online marketing surveys is through Facebook Messenger.

According to surveys, Facebook Messenger chatbot has a higher engagement rate because they are easy and quick to fill out. Surveys that are mobile friendly with conversational interface have reduced chances of being abandoned. It is definitely a win-win situation with better response rates.

The first step in creating a Facebook Messenger survey is to build the survey chatbot that will ask the questions. There is no need for coding because you can create a chatbot through the chatbot builder. Use groups in organizing your chat pages similar to the folder structure of your website. On the group “Quick Survey” you can create invites or a welcome page, a page for every question and a thank you page.

The yellow buttons that you will find on the top of the screen are called widgets. You can use them to add content in the form of texts, images, quick questions, forms and GIFs by simply tapping the button.

However, before building the chatbot, you must have a well defined objective for the survey. Fewer questions often result to completed surveys. Multiple choice answers or rating on a scale are easier to answer than open-ended questions. Save the user’s response to the questionnaire as an attribute to their customer profile. Now you have an audience for the targeted Facebook advertising content.

It looks easy enough for anyone to create the Facebook Messenger chatbot, but the problem here is analysis which is best left to SEO professionals at that can use the data to nurture customer relationships. Give them a call today to deliver the right results.