How To Distinguish A Review From An Advertisement

How does a king kong marketing agency review differ from an advertisement? Most people trust reviews because they come from real people and the opinion is based on personal experience with the brand. Meanwhile, advertisements are paid content that is positively associated with a brand.

Can young viewers of YouTube distinguish between a product review and an advertisement? Watchdog group Truth in Advertising filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accusing the administrator of popular YouTube channel Ryan Toys Review of deceiving children through sponsored videos that look like organic content.

Ryan Toys Review has an audience of 21 subscribers since it started in 2015 and has earned 30 billion views. In the videos, Ryan would try out new toys with enthusiasm. At least 90% of the videos include one paid product recommendation that targets pre-schoolers who cannot distinguish an advertisement from a review. Some sponsored content has been noticed although they appear very briefly.

According to Josh Golin of Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood, only 8 to 9-year old children understand advertisements. A 5-year old will not understand that Ryan is talking about toys because Target pays him to do so. However, Shion Kaji the father of Ryan said that they prioritize the well-being of children and they strictly follow YouTube’s terms of service including advertisement disclosure requirements.

Nowadays, consumers can easily notice the difference between king kong marketing agency review and sponsored content. Consumers believe that reviews come from trusted information sources who want to share the quality of a product or service.