How To Determine Child-Friendly Starbright Montessori Preschool

Your child’s safety is very important. You will leave your child in a preschool such as Starbright Montessori and it is important that you have peace of mind that your child will be safe and comfortable while you are out. Before you enroll your child in a preschool, find time to visit the school and check on the following:


Children have varied needs but generally, they all have similar biological and physiological needs. Find out if the classroom has a clean and hygienic comfort room with ample water. The chairs should also be made of durable plastic that are tapered on the edge to ensure that your child will be safe as he or she is learning. It would also be best if the classrooms have cushions or carpeted since young children are fond of running around and they can be very active. Another point to ensure is the ventilation of the area, specifically the classroom. It would be best if the room is air conditioned or heated, depending on the season. Otherwise, the room should have free, clean air flowing.


Choose a preschool such as Starbright Montessori that is located away from noisy entertainment hubs and shopping malls. The preschool should not also be right outside a busy street where speeding cars drive by. In addition, it would be best if the school has security personnel and they do not allow children to be picked up unless authorized guardian or parent of the child.

Emergency plans

A total peace of mind is important to parents like you. Before you decide on a preschool, find out if the school has an emergency plan and if they have emergency exits in case of attacks or earthquakes. Find out if they have fire extinguishers around and if they have building safety permits.

Additional tips

Lastly, get the hotline of Starbright Montessori or your preferred preschool where your child is enrolled. You might also want to get the phone number of the teacher or you can also leave your number to the school or the teacher so for them to be able to get in touch with you in case of emergencies.