How A Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Can Conceal Your Tattoos

Tattoos make you feel great, especially when they are designed beautifully. However, time will come when you wished they were out of sight. Especially when you’re on a job interview or probably appearing in court, you don’t want to create a bad impression on your tattoos. That’s why you need a tattoo cover up makeup to temporarily remove the ink.

If you’re a bride and have tattoos on your body, you will need a professional makeup artist to conceal the tattoo, so you can wear your wedding dress, draw a positive attention among your guests, and be featured in wedding photos. However, you can do the tattoo cover up makeup at home. You just need to know the right products that best conceal it and how you do it properly.

Can Tattoos Be Covered by Makeup

The answer is a simple yes. There are tattoo cover up makeup that can suit the concealing of your tattoos. Even the darkest colours can be hidden with the right products, and they can be challenging to do it. You just need patience and the right technique for the cover up.

Do You Need Special Makeup for Tattoos?

There really is no need for special products to conceal the tattoo. You can do it with everyday makeup, so long as it’s done well, and your tattoos are hidden. You can even buy drugstore makeup with the right combination with those that match your skin tone. For now, let’s take a look at two options and how easy they can be applied.

  • Corrective or Camouflage Makeup

This tattoo cover up makeup is designed for heavy duty cover jobs. They can cover skin discolouration after remaining visible when applied with a simple foundation or concealer. If you have scars, birthmarks, sunspots, blemishes, and other skin alterations, you can use the makeup to conceal it. You will just have to apply and blend it well, so it appears the same colour as your skin tone.

  • Theatrical Makeup

This makeup is used by professional makeup artists for film and stage actors. As they are used to dramatically transform the look of actors, you can possibly use it to cover tattoos. It is very resistant and can last longer hours, especially when you sweat. However, it’s a heavy stuff that won’t allow your skin to breathe freely.