House Giveaway: Narrabeen Home Being Given Away

With more and more people hiring professionals to move their furniture, removals are a booming market. So, one might wonder what removalists in Sydney or Melbourne can or cannot move from your house when hired to do so. As it turns out, they can move anything, even the house itself.

As part of a growing trend of increased removalist hiring and home moves, free houses; that is houses that you can acquire, if you can actually take it, are becoming more and more common, available through removalist companies with specialization in house relocation.

As is the case with Julie Maxwell’s home in Narabeen. A character home dating from sometime in the mid-1920s, the home has been put up by Mrs. Maxwell, and is free to own. For anyone who can take it away, that is. The partial weatherboard home has four bedrooms, and open-plan family and dining areas. The interior deco features timber floors, even a timber kitchen, lit up with daylight entering from arched windows. Classic between -the-wars shingles decorate the walls and deep gables on the outside of the house. All in all, a very beautiful waterside home.

The owner agrees on the sentiment; she too believes that the house is beautiful, but she has plans to build on the waterside site. She stresses this as the reason for her decision to give it away.  She attributes this decision due to the fact that, as of current conditions in the market, rebuilding is the cheaper option compared to renovation.

She points out that she does not care to gain a profit from it, but that she wishes someone to appreciate the home and enjoy it.

The waterside home is on piers and is 11m wide. Mrs. Maxwell speculates that the home would probably have to be cut in half in order to be moved off-site. There have already been several prospectors, but the removal costs, which were higher than usual due to the home’s proximity to powerlines, discouraged them.

Mrs. Maxwell is not the only person giving away free homes through removalists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other parts of Australia.