Grandma Knitting With Love For Orphaned Children

Inside the solarium of Josie Brown, a resident of Whanganui, you will find her through the glass panels as she busily works using her knitting needles. She is 94 years old but the cold winter morning cannot stop her from making a jersey for a child in need. The 68 pieces of sweaters she is making will be sent to the orphaned kids who are suffering from the winter cold as they are residing in Eastern European nations.

According to Brown, the recipient children are living in countries where the temperature reaches negative 20. The worst thing is that the cold does not last for one day or even one week, it could go on for many, many weeks.

Majority of these kids are living in orphanages and she understands how hard it is to be in such a situation therefore she decided to make something simple for the children. The cause she is contributing to is called Operation Cover Up and it is managed by Mission Without Borders. Brown said that she learned about the cause after one of her friends Joyce Trailoar. Trailoars’ daughter is currently the contact person in the cause they are doing in Taupo.

Brown said that she was doing the same thing the previous year and she was able to knit 51 pieces of sweaters. She gave credit to those around her, including her family and friends, because they support what she is doing by donating wool and materials.

She admitted that she has experienced living in an area where the temperature can reach negative 15 degrees therefore she is familiar with how excruciating the cold is. This was when she moved to Canada and stayed there for three years before she finally settled in Whanganui in the United States.

Her native land is Timaru and this is where she learned the art of knitting. Brown said that she was knitting to earn money when she was younger and now that she is older and is no longer busy she was able to find the time to create the sweaters which for her is a better alternative rather than doing nothing in her sunset years.