Funeral Sector Facing Investigation From UK Watchdog

The role of the funeral director in Sydney includes guidance and support during the extremely emotional moment as well as professional advice on the type of funeral services that have to be made. The funeral director will try to ease of the burden during the distressing time by taking over the most practical aspects of funeral arrangement.

However, the funeral sector is currently under investigation by the UK Competition and Markets Authority. The UK watchdog is alarmed over the 6% on-year increase in funeral costs for the past 14 years in a row. This has pushed the national average in the UK at £4,271 in 2018. The CMA is also bothered by the vulnerability of consumers who have to face the non-negotiable purchase during times of distress.

It is very rare for grieving families to have the energy, confidence and experience to compare prices and quality of funeral services. Even if they want to, most of the funeral directors in the UK do not advertise their prices online.

It is common for families to request for a simple and private funeral particularly if the deceased has suffered a very long illness. Since the hospice usually takes care of the body in between death and funeral, a funeral director is only needed to transport the body to his funeral using one or two vehicles. However, funeral packages are inflexible considering that it is not a normal request.

There are services which are assumed to essential even if they are not. For example, if the body will not be brought to a funeral home, there is no need for pall bearers. The family can carry the coffin and lower it by themselves.

However, there are families who prefer traditional burials with church services and open casket throughout the ceremony. Funeral directors are always prepared to provide support and facilitate the client’s requirements.

Most people are not aware on funeral choices and what the funeral director in Sydney can do to ease the burden. During the trying times, a funeral director will help the grieving family through the process of making fitting funeral arrangements for their departed loved one.