Finding The Love Of Your Life Through A Marital Affairs Website

A couple who met unconventionally through marital affairs website are now planning to tie the knot and stay faithful to one another. Thea Thorpe, a 30-year old entrepreneur will marry 36-year old removals firm boss Jack Logan-Beddings next year. Both of them have cheated on their partners.

The couple, who come from Nottingham met through a dating site for married individuals, fell in love and plan to stay together in the future. Thea had liberal views towards monogamy. When Thea started dating Jack a year ago, she was still involved in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. Jack is married and his wife did not know that an affair was going on between her husband and Thea.

Thea and Jack assumed that an open relationship was a good way to find happiness because life is too short to spend with only one partner. Thea’s attitude has changed when she met Jack. No more open relationship for Thea because she wants to spend the rest of her life with Jack. This means that Thea will no longer be involved in extra-marital dating.

According to Jack, he never expected to meet the women of his dreams through a marital affairs site. However, after the first date with Thea, Jack knew that she was the one. Jack does not want to share Thea with anyone else and they want to build a future together as a married couple.

The first time the couple spoke to each other, Thea was still dating several men. She convinced herself that it is the life she wants but everything changed when she met Jack. Thea started to believe in a meaningful relationship where she does not want Jack sleeping with anyone else. Jack has filed for divorce and will be marrying Thea after everything is finalized. They have cancelled their subscription with the dating site.

There are people who happen to be in a similar situation as Jack and Thea. They want to form another relationship outside the normal domestic life. The marital affairs website is a discreet extramarital dating site for men and women who are attached but want a marital affair.