Family-Owned Trucking Business Acquired By Contrans Group

MacKinnon Transport is a family-owned business that has been in operation for 90 years, and Contrans Group has acquired their assets. The deal had only been presented and worked on within a span of five to six weeks, but it was closed as soon as December 1st of 2017. Because the acquisitions had been on assets, Contrans has taken MacKinnon Transport’s trailers, trucks, and obtained customers.

The former CEO and president of the family-owned MacKinnon Transport, Evan MacKinnon, has stated that the main reason the acquisition deal has gone down is to improve trucking in Guelph as well as other areas within the reach of the company, as previously they have had difficulty hiring and employing new drivers for the trucks.

MacKinnon adds that the company has been doing great in almost all other aspects – they have been meeting revenues and line haul margins. What they truly had trouble with was finding willing employees to undertake truck driving for the company. He stated that the last two years of their operation has seen a 35% minimization of trucks due to the lack of drivers. Because of this, it had not been possible for MacKinnon Transport to keep afloat alone.

The benefits of the deal, however, is being able to keep the business operations the same despite90% of the company’s employees being offered employment in Contrans. Evan MacKinnon commends Contrans Group’s consideration of keeping their current employees, as most of them have been with MacKinnon Transport for two to three decades. He also views this as the best outcome to come out of the deal, as the company will still have its fairly intact operations department, with the same drivers, and the same customers. The only thing that has changed is the base, which has been transferred to the Contrans Aberfoyle location.

MacKinnon expresses his sentiment for Contrans Group’s acquisition, saying the deal was a great fit for the benefit of both sides. He is especially happy for keeping the seniority staff and how close the change of location is to each other.

The former COO of MackKinnon Transport, Alex MacKinnon, also said that the acquisition is emotional to their family, as the trucking business had been a part of four generations for 88 years.