Factors That Affected The Growth Of Consumer LTL

One of the challenges faced by trucking and logistics providers like Titan Transline during the coronavirus pandemic is decreasing shipment sizes and weights. The challenge is not specific to trucking providers; it is an industry-wide change. The good thing though is the popularity of ecommerce that provided trucking providers with an avenue into the last mile.

People are buying bigger and more goods online with less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation delivering the goods to homes and businesses. The fact is LTL trucking providers have been edging closer to the last mile market and the pandemic has forced them to move closer to consumer’s front doors.

What LTL carriers deliver and what the delivery services perform varies from company to company. In the LTL sector, last mile delivery usually involves bulky and heavy goods that won’t fit well in small package delivery networks. If a washing machine or home appliance has to be delivered to the consumer’s home, specialized skills like “white glove” services will be required. This type of delivery is handled through a network of specialized and qualified trucking providers.

The growth in consumer LTL cannot only be attributed to the increase in online shopping because the capacity used to ship goods to the consumer’s homes is already saturated. Shipping large items through parcel carriers is too costly so that more freight is being handled by multi-stop truckload and LTL channels.

The LTL sector is definitely booming with daily shipment handling. There have been huge increases since last May and June. There are 18-foot and 20-foot last mile trucks that are delivering goods in homes and businesses. A pick-up can be scheduled at a home improvement store and delivered directly to the consumer. This is the reason why trucking providers have added a radically different niche like appliance installation after delivery.

Reliable transportation across all of North America is provided by Titan Transline with the guarantee that goods will arrive on time, every time. LTL shipping is offered to consumers at unprecedented speeds. Seasoned experts will support you regardless of the shipment size. Specialty trailers are available for oversized goods, expedited shipments and freight that requires temperature control.